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    Over 440,000 Students
    Participated in the original Project Talent Study LEARN MORE
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    Over 1,300 Schools
    Participated in the original Project Talent Study LEARN MORE
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    A National Study
    On an Unprecedented Scale was Launched in 1960 LEARN MORE
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Project Talent Is


The largest & most comprehensive study of high school students in the history of the United States. More than 400,000 students from 1,300 schools across the country participated in 2 days of testing.

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Participant Stories

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Dorothy J BolerBoler, MS

"My life story has been one of changing and chasing dreams. Growing up, my ambitions were simple but the expectations from my family and teachers were high."

Albert Brigham FutrellAlmo, KY

"I remember taking the Project Talent tests in the high school gym over several days. According to my test scores, I did well in math and science. I was encouraged to study these subjects and consider a career in these areas."

Phillip Allon GuilliamsCoshocton, OH

"I spent my childhood on a small farm in rural eastern Ohio. Since age 5, following the death of my mother, I was raised with a foster family. Growing up, I was really enthralled by the world of astronomy, science fiction, and the budding space program."

John C PerrineMoravia, NY

"The path – or even the destination – that we each take in life is not always clear at the outset. Since I was young, I felt that I had the potential, the drive, and the work ethic required to be successful."

Yearbooks Wanted!

The Project Talent team is looking for yearbooks for the classes of 1960-1963 from the schools that participated in Project Talent.

If you have a copy of your high school yearbook, please contact Project Talent at 1-866-770-6077 or by email at ProjectTalent50@air.org. Your yearbooks will be copied and returned to you with all associated expenses paid for by the project.